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A Room of One’s Own

Posted in personal growth by Juliet on April 12, 2010

Virginia Woolf had a room of her own.

Dr Who and I have a TARDIS.

welcome to my tardis

Last summer I was sharing complaining to my SHED group about my family’s shocking lack of respect for my personal space. I don’t know if it’s the ages of my kids, our mutual temperaments, or the fact that I do not work outside the home so I don’t have a private office or even desk to call my own.

The truth is, it’s probably a combination of these factors plus the fact that the kids are at an age when they want to use our home computer, but aren’t old enough to do so unsupervised so they sit at what used to be my desk in our kitchen nook, rifling through drawers and stealing my Scotch tape.

I was feeling resentful in almost every aspect of personal space. I told the SHED group about a morning when I’d made six of my favorite Trader Joe’s petite croissants and left them on the counter to save for a snack. When I got back from running errands, it was to discover nothing but an empty plate of crumbs.

“Can you set up even a small area as an office?” Melissa asked.

Even as I swore up and down that there was NO room, the idea hit me, and like Harry Potter, I found myself inhabiting an under-stairs closet.

We took the door off and braced a custom-cut piece of wood against the wall et voila!

Every day I’d come home with something new: modernistic some-assembly-required chairs from Target; a fake flokati rug; an elephant-shaped box to store my electronics chargers.

“When are you ordering a conference table for the TARDIS?” Scott asked.

I think he was only half joking.

And, maybe I really am as powerful as Dr Who because even though there is no door, nobody goes inside. They haven’t even tried. They physically halt like there’s an electrified fence running along the door frame.

It was such a simple, inexpensive project, yet it gave us the perfect elegant solution to my growing sense of frustration.

As I like to tell the kids when they complain about being too hot or cold: “I don’t control the weather. Yet.”

But maybe, just maybe, I do control Time and Relative Dimension in Space.


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  1. amy said, on April 12, 2010 at 6:03 PM

    I LOVE that idea… Hmmmm, I wonder what staircase I could get B to excavate…

    • Juliet said, on April 15, 2010 at 1:42 PM

      We lost a hall closet but it was definitely worth it:-)

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