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Family Weekend at Camp Ramah in California (Ojai) – Part I

Posted in personal growth by Juliet on June 1, 2010

We hit the road at noon on Friday.

It’s not a bad drive from Temecula (about three hours if there’s no traffic, but we were traveling on Memorial Day weekend…) Many of the attendees were from the LA area, but there were a good number who traveled farther than us, too, like five families who came together from Arizona and a handful of families who drove down from the Bay Area.

"Why did that guy plant a cactus field?" was a question that occupied us for an hour. That's life with a four and eight year old.

We always stop to eat at Whole Foods when we take family car trips. It’s as fast as fast food but everyone can have exactly what they want. You know how some people go to every McDonald’s in the country? We’ll go to every Whole Foods.

Whole Foods Glendale

We finally arrived, with not a moment to spare. Families who arrived after shabbat began had to park outside the gates, which remained locked until after havdallah on Saturday night.

We checked in and found our room:

Scott and I stayed in one of the lodges, which has hotel room-like accomodations. Jane slept in our room on an extra mattress on the floor between our Ricky and Lucy twin beds. Eva and other kids her age stayed in a bunk staffed with counselors.

We dropped Eva at her bunk:

She immediately (like the moment she walked in the door) met several other girls her own age and some friendly teenage counselors, and we hardly saw her again until it was time to leave on Monday.

The times we did see her, she dashed past us in a flash, or looked like this:

Cartwheels are a big part of Eva's life right now.

We dressed for shabbat and headed to the Fingerhut Chapel (every single building, bench, and rosebush at Camp Ramah is named after someone) to meet our fellow campers and usher in shabbat before Friday night dinner.

Already I am getting into my shabbat frame of mind.

Next time: the weekend is a whirlwind of activities.

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