The 40 Year Old Bat Mitzvah

The Wardrobe Situation

Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on December 18, 2010

I put some decent thought into what to wear for the Saturday morning service and lunch, but when Friday afternoon rolled around, I realized I hadn’t set aside anything to wear for Friday night’s kaballat shabbat (“welcoming the sabbath”) service.

I ended up wearing this green silk Talbot’s sheath dress. I recently got rid of a bunch of clothes from my former working life, but held onto this because I love the color. It has a matching long-sleeved loose jacket with single button.  You can’t tell from the angle of this picture but I am wearing my blue and  black beaded kippah (head covering.)  I ended up using a tortoiseshell clip to get my hair off my face, too.  My hair had a lot of things going on last night.

When I wear it with pearls I feel like Michelle Obama.

Dressing is easy for men. Scott just wore what he wore to work:

The girls like to dress up, but about five minutes before we had to leave, they ran into the room where I was enjoying a Salada green tea for the road. “We don’t have any shoes!”

No shoes?

No shoes!

They really have NO shoes appropriate for a religious occasion? I am sure this is wrong but it wasn’t the time to figure it out. We got home late last night so they probably still won’t have appropriate shoes today either. When you’re four and eight years old, you can get away with fashion faux pas.

Jane ended up wearing crocs:

Eva took off the sweatshirt once we were inside the sanctuary. The Kirkland (Costco) brand ugg boots stayed.

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