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The End of the End of an Era

Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on May 13, 2011

Boy, does “Possibly Flaky Middle School” earn its nickname.

We reached the end of a longish, frustrating road of non-interactions with them (they are really, really bad at returning phone calls and emails), and it’s over.

Eva will continue at her current school for the last year, and we’ll revisit and reassess the whole school thing when she begins middle school.

Want to hear what happened?

Well, first off, if you are local and have figured out what charter school I’m alluding to, ENROLL YOUR CHILDREN THERE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

They are BEYOND flaky. Like off the hook, crazy flaky.

Every time I had to deal with them, it was a major battle just to get phone calls returned. It always seemed that there was only person on earth who could answer my (basic) questions, and she wasn’t available. No, she doesn’t have a place she “usually goes.” She’s “out in the field” at a million different places and no two days are the same so there’s no “better way” or “best time” to reach her. “Just keep trying!”

Getting a phone call or email returned is like pulling teeth.

Example: in early February, I got an emailed letter saying her enrollment paperwork was all underway and that we would be contacted by a counselor to move us through the process, and that this would happen beginning April 3, and that if I didn’t hear from someone by phone within 10 days, to call.

Right away, I was confused. Ten days from April 3, or 10 days from the early February date I received the letter?

And of course I heard nothing so 10 business days after April 3, I called. And heard nothing back. And called again. And heard nothing back. Finally I asked the receptionist specifically about the letter, and she said, “Well, the enrollment person can call you, but it’s not like she’ll have any information for you yet.”

Okay, but can she still call me back, because why did I get that letter?

So she called me back and confirmed that she had nothing to talk to me about, and that I’d hear “for reals” with actual information later in April or possibly even into early May.

Flash forward to now – mid-May – with a frustrating interlude of trying really hard to get calls to someone else returned to tour the campus, which we did, and I wasn’t impressed, though Eva was fine with it.

Of course I still hear nothing, still hear nothing, so I start the calls again. Call, message, silence. Call, message, silence. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Finally I got a reply from the counselor who arranged the tour and asked her for tips on getting a call back from this mythical other person, and she arranged a phone call for me.

At which time I learned (in mid-May, six months after this adventure began) that they aren’t even offering the 5th grade program next year.

Good to know. That actually might have been very valuable information to have before un-enrolling her from her current school and getting her all enthusiastic about attending a new school, touring the school, making plans based on their different start and end dates and school day schedule, etc etc.

But it’s all good, because a few parenting goals were accomplished:

Eva got to make a choice on her own. It didn’t work but she knows that we trust her and are giving her more autonomy over her own education. I was starting to feel frankly VERY nervous about the quality of education she’d receive (especially after sitting in on classes during the school day), but didn’t want to go back on our promise to her that she could choose.

I think we dodged a major bullet and it actually happened in a very elegant series of events. I love when life unfolds like that. The universe is watching out for our family.

And when I ran over to Eva’s current school to tell them she’s continuing for one more year and to un-do her un-enrollment, they were so happy that I was really happy and proud of my daughter, too.

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