The 40 Year Old Bat Mitzvah

Possibly Boring Journals: Part 4

Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on June 9, 2011

Some of these old journal entries are poignant, some are disturbing, and some are just plain funny.

October 5, 1997, Tappan, New York (staying at the home of Scott’s parents, Penny and Phil)

This morning I went downstairs to grab a bagel for breakfast and found that Penny put all the bagels and the fig bars in a big bag labeled “Scott.”  Dr Atkins’ book was turned to “Forever Slim,” a chapter about carbohydrate cravings. 

It’s hard to remember how much anxiety I used to feel in social situations.  From the same trip, I noted that I asked Scott’s sister to be a bridesmaid in our wedding:

I finally asked Bonnie to be a bridesmaid last night.  It was during dinner at a diner in the middle of nowhere New Jersey, after we all drove through Great Adventure Safari.  The topic turned to “Who is Scott going to have in HIS wedding party?” and since he’s not sure but I am, it seemed like an a propos time to ask.  I have been planning on asking her awhile, but no time seemed right.

Inlaw and family issues are of a running theme.  I was in my mid-twenties, after all.

October 3, 1997, Tappan, New York

It’s the second day of Rosh Hashanah.   I am ready to go back to California.  I feel like we use up all our vacation time coming here, and they don’t seem to appreciate it or even care.  Plus I have a feeling I’m going to be freezing today.  But I don’t want to wear the exact same outfit I wore yesterday.  I  will wear my puffy blue Land’s End parka over my linen dress.  Whatever.

Our itinerary on that trip included:

  • walk to synagogue
  • lunch at home
  • dessert party at the Stuhlbergs’
  • evening at home
  • read

And I couldn’t wait to get back to California to:

  • flight home to LAX
  • drive home 
  • pick up packages at post office (I had a real issue with ordering things from infomercials and catalogues and usually came home from trips to find packages waiting for me at the post office)
  • jog 3 mi.
  • change back work voicemail
  • clean apartment and read mail
  • yoga
  • listen to Marshall Sylver’s Passion, Profit, and Power tapes (decide which to start with:  Passion?  Profit?  Power?)Who is Marshall Sylver, you may ask?

    September 29, 1997

    We headed over in two taxis to the Stratosphere to see our show:  “Marshall Sylver, the World’s Greatest Hypnotist.”

    I forced myself to have courage, and joined a crowd onstage to be hypnotized.  I was initially hypnotized, but I wasn’t one of the twelve chosen to be onstage for the whole show.  (Frowny face.)  But it was fun to watch the show.  He had cool hip-hop style dancers in leather outfits.  The hypnosis seemed very real.

    Lily and I bought his audio series, “Passion, Profit, and Power” for $70, which we split.  It came with audios on quitting smoking and “Slender Forever” too.  I love stuff like this!

    Which do I want to work on first:  passion, profit, or power?  I want them all, really.  Maybe I’ll start with power.  It seems generally useful.


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