The 40 Year Old Bat Mitzvah

Possibly Boring Journals: Part 5

Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on June 13, 2011

September 29, 1997

I got back from Las Vegas yesterday in the late afternoon.  It was a fun trip.  We packed a lot into a short time.  I didn’t even arrive until Saturday morning, so I had a total of just over 24 hours there.  It felt like a lot longer!

On Friday night, Scott and I lit shabbat candles and did the wine and challah.  I am making a serious effort to return to shabbat.

On Saturday morning, I had a poached egg and leftover challah with apple butter to tide me over until the buffet.  Then I got on the road at 6:10 a.m.  It was still dark out and a bit foggy.  Ominous weather for driving, but the sun came up around Victorville and it was clear and beautiful out.  The weather all weekend was not too hot (in the low 90s as the high.)

The drive was uneventful.  I listened to my Aspen Wellness Group tapes (see what I mean about ordering crap from infomercials?)

I arrived inside the hotel at just before 10:00.  I looked for everyone at the Oz Buffet, then called their room and Mary said, “They just went downstairs.”  So I got in line at the buffet and there they were.  We were a total of nine:  me, Lily, Mom, Grandma, Tara, Mary, Marisa, Marilyn, and Libby.

We ate the brunch buffet and got all caught up with each other.  I ate fresh fruit, a bran muffin, a mini bagel, and a danish with tea to drink.  We sat for a long time then we went up to the room to change for the pool.

Libby walked me to my car to get my bag, which was nice because we had a chance to talk, just us two.  She’s such a fun woman and with a very young heart.

The pool was relaxing.  I bought Cosmo.  Lily had school texts for American Literature.  Grandma and Libby needed shade but everyone else had sun.  I used Marilyn’s “4” oil and Lily used “2” she brought with her and I covered my shoulders with a towel.  I definitely got color all over especially on my arms and face.  I got red on my chest but not too bad luckily.

We had poolside drinks, which is always a luxurious treat.  I just had a diet Coke, but Lily had a beautiful virgin pina colada with whipped cream. 

At around 4:00 p.m. we went up to the room, showered, and dressed to go out.  I shared a room with Lily and Mary.  I showered, shaved my legs and made up a bit.  I wore my purple sheath dress with black “leather” jacket and new strappy black heels.

We took the monorail to Bally’s then walked a block to Caesar’s.  Crossing the street, Lily fell totally down, twisting her ankle.  It started to swell almost immediately.  She was a good sport; it must have hurt.  We managed to get to Caesar’s for our 6 p.m. dinner reservation at Spago.

The meal was excellent.  I had a cheeseless pizza of sun-dried tomatoes and spinach with pine nuts and a glass of wine.  Their bread is lovely.  I even remembered to bring my camera and take pictures.

Libby actually ordered venison!  Later that night, she had to buy Tums at the gift shop.  It was blood-red at the center.

We got a bag of ice and an Ace bandage from security at Caesar’s, then browsed in the Forum Shops.  Then we got two taxis to take us to the Stratosphere (for the Marshall Sylver, World’s Greatest Hypnotist” show above.)

We eventually got back to the MGM Grand.  Lily, Mary and I went up to the room and Mom came in to ice Lily’s foot, which by this time was black and blue.  I looked at some photos that Diana sent to Mom from the Soquel High reunion.  They came out well.  Then we slept.

At 4:30 a.m. I woke feeling tense for some reason, so I read Cosmo in the bath.  When I got out I was able to sleep three more hours.

On Sunday morning, we all went to a little coffee place for a wake-up cup; I had tea and a bagel with jam.  Tehn we watched Mary and Marisa brave the Sky Screamer again.

Walking back into the hotel, we saw a booth where you can pose for pictures holding a lion cub.  CUTE!  Lily, Mary, Marisa and I all did it (separately, so we could each hold him.)  You hold him by his shoulders (LOVE!) and he is growly.  He is always in contact with his trainer except for the second it takes to snap a photo.  I’m framing mine to give to Scott.

We then had breakfast at the coffee shop.  I had a wedge of honeydew melon and several tastes of Marisa’s waffle (yum!)

Then it was time to pack up and drive home.  It took me four hours due to a gas stop in Baker ($1.56 – price gouging the weary traveler) and some spots of heavy traffic (Barstow area.)  I got home at 5:30.

Today it’s back to reality–work.  We need to pack this evening and drive to LA to spend the night at Lily’s because we fly to New York Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m.

I really feel like staying home and recovering from my kidney infection but I will be a grownup and not whine.

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