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Possibly Boring Journals: Part 6

Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on June 15, 2011

Maybe there is something to creative visualization; look at this picture clipped in 1997 (when I was not yet married, didn’t have kids, and had long hair):

And look at me in 2002:

Well, things were up and down at work.  They had to be good sometimes or I doubt I would have stuck around for almost six years. Three or four, maybe.  But six?  I was so crazy.

August 23, 1997

I’m now a drug court attorney!  I worked in department 42 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week.  There was some panic (on my part) when B_H_ gave me back all of the Corona files on Thursday and told me I’d be handling both drug court AND Corona until J_W_ gets back from vacation to assign someone new but finally he assigned M_ to do Corona.  She keeps saying, “I hope I get fired.”

I am slowly but surely learning the ropes.  Felony sentencing is full of pitfalls.

J_ told me she and her friends plan to run at the UCR track next week.  I can join them.  They want to see Huff, the black drill instructor.  She is  coming to brunch and can tell me about him.

This was before “boot camp” workouts were popular.  Wonder if Huff is still around?

I continued to run and exercise all through 1997 though I was dogged with recurrent colds and a bad episode that was either a kidney stone or infection.

I missed work Thursday.  Being at home was B-O-R-I-N-G!  I cleaned the house to pass the time; it was that dull.  Not feeling well it was hard to concentrate on books or TV.  

I continued complaining about work, having insomnia, and ordering crap from infomericals.

June 15, 1997

I am trying to improve my attitude.  I know I have been a real pain.  My panic, fear, anger, and annoyance is not helping this situation.

Yesterday was a day of sloth.  Scott and I did NOTHING.  I didn’t leave the house except to sit in the sun for half an hour with a magazine.  Friday evening I had a massage while Scott went to Lake Alice to celebrate B_’s not guilty verdict.  R_ got a not guilty too, in Indio.  Both of them were on Friday the 13th.

This morning I woke up at 5:30 and took a 30 minute walk.  For some reason it was difficult and my arms feel fatigued.  Now I’m drinking a glass of fresh juice (Red Delicious apple, brown pear, and two cups red grapes, diluted with water.)  I need to return the juicer because it does not work well.  The “on” button broke on the second use of the machine.  You have to press it continually in just the right way or it shuts off.  Also, the pulp is not going into the pulp container, but staying on top where it causes a jam.

Juicing is overrated.  I made two glasses of juice and got it out of my system so to speak.

I found a bunch of plot ideas for stories in these journals.  I don’t know that many (any?) are viable.

May 16, 1997 (CACJ – California Attorneys for Criminal Justice – seminar at the Princess Resort formerly known as Vacation Village, San Diego)

Echo Schwartzbaum goes on a book promoting tour with her mother, Sophie Schwartzbaum, who is a media-savvy psychic.  Echo is also psychic, but all she’s ever wanted to be in life is normal.  

Echo Schwartz?  Echo Schwartzbaum?  I can decide later.

“Psychic Sleuth.”

Echo is 27, lives at home (with mom.)  Dad lives in San Francisco.  Echo is a UCLA graduate and works as an elementary school teacher.  She is single, no boyfriend.  Dates occasionally.  Solves mysteries including what happened on the book tour.

Our this one:

Tess, a young archaeology grad student, lives with her recently widowed father in an old Hancock Park estate.  She falls in love with her mysterious new neighbor, who inherits a house and moves in to fix it up.

Tess has always been a tomboy.  Her mom died in a car accident so she moved back to help her father out.  He is a grieving widower and a scientist.  Tess’s older sister is feminine and very flowery.  She is engaged to marry an accountant.

And so it goes.  I never wrote any of those stories though I found a draft of my post-apocalyptic story Anza and it isn’t bad.  Instead of actually writing these stories I was doing this:

UPS tried to deliver my Australasian College of Natural Studies course.  I have to wait until Monday to have it re-delivered.

I liked to save memorabilia, too, like business cards, notes, ticket stubs, etc.

I’ve been reading THE LATE SHOW by Helen Gurley Brown.  She has beauty tips from actresses, countesses and socialites.

Yup, I was 27.


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