The 40 Year Old Bat Mitzvah


Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on July 31, 2011

Who, me?


The other day I was getting ready to take Mo to the dog park. I opened the front door and he ran out into the driveway, where he hopped right up into the back of the car, giving just the merest quick sniff to the neighborhood kids playing on the sidewalk.

Evan, a five year old who lives down the street, asked, “How does he know you’re going to the dog park?”

I thought about it for a moment then realized he really doesn’t know, does he? I mean, the last ten times he’s ridden in the car, it’s true that eight were to the park, but once was to get a rabies shot at the vet and the other was to have a bath at the groomer.

But he sure is optimistic, isn’t he? I mean, isn’t a rambunctious two year old chocolate lab the very model of optimism?

If he’s going to expect something to happen, he figures he might as well expect it to be something good.


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