The 40 Year Old Bat Mitzvah

Everyone in the Pool!

Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on September 24, 2011

I’m rockin’ the Honda Odyssey minivan and the kids love it.  To be honest, it’s not as bad as I’d feared.  At first I felt like I was sitting very, very high, but minivans aren’t as high as SUVs so it’s not that much of an adjustment from my old Passat.

Also, my minivan is loaded.  It has tons and tons of extras and features.  My carpool kids are enamored.

The other day we drove a sixth grader named Michael home.  I headed out with his mom to HER silver Odyssey and we got Michael’s stuff to put in MY silver Odyssey.  (Seriously, it’s that bad.  If you aren’t driving a Honda Odyssey minivan in Temecula, you’re driving a silver Toyota Siena minivan.  Or white.  Or you’re Mormon in which case you are driving a white Suburban.  If you live in Crowne Hill you may have downscaled to a rental house but you’re probably still driving a black or white Escalade.)

So anyway….Michael loved the features.  Back-up camera!  GPS navigational display with maps showing all gas stations and Honda dealerships along our route!  Outlets at every seat!  DVD player that folds down airplane-style!  My kids love to pretend they’re in seats 23F and H watching “Just Go With It!” without any sound.  (Our DVD plays a  blank screen since I’m afraid watching a video in a moving car will give them motion sickness.)

The kids are also really excited about all of the cup holders.  The dog loves that he can jump up (I bought a heavy wool army blanket that I drape over the back so his toenails don’t scrape the tailgate when he gets in) and stand up like a horse while I drive.  He can look out the windows to monitor our progress to the dog park or vet’s office.

And I am doing some crazy carpooling.  Several hardy Temeculans (and I hope we are hardy, not foolhardy) joined Temple Adat Shalom in Poway this year and we are scrambling to shuttle out kids down for all of the myriad activities their Mosad Shalom school offers.  Poway is in inland north San Diego County, and by the time this year is over, our kids are going to know every stretch of the 40 or so miles of 15 between home and temple.

For instance:  “I think we’re almost home because those rocks look familiar.”

(It’s kind of a featureless, boring drive.)

It’s the drive I made every Monday for an entire year while prepping for my adult bat mitzvah, so I feel  confident that it can and will be done!   Complaints notwithstanding.  Sometimes you’ve just got to tell kids they have to do something because it’s what they have to do.  Eva was carping the other day about having to go to Hebrew school on Tuesday after sitting in regular school all day.  “Congratulations; we’re Jewish.  We worship in a foreign language.  Deal with it.”

So I’m enjoying the minivan even when it’s just the girls and me doing errands around town or taking to dog to his bath, but I love it most when it’s crammed with kids singing and dancing along to the radio.  We’re getting somewhat into our little routine and our little routine is not bad.


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