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Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on September 27, 2011

Rudebekia aka Brown Eyed Susan

For weeks we’ve been driving past an empty field wedged between a church and ranch house on Pauba Road near the girls’ school. The field always catches our eye because it has masses and masses of vibrant sunflowers.

One day last week when the girls had no school, I rounded everyone including the dog up and we headed out for a walk. Jane insisted on wearing an inappropriate outfit (Madras shorts, Hello Kitty sweatshirt, and snow boots) and riding her bike. Eva started out surly because I dragged her away from playing with friends. She carried the dog’s poop bags and garden scissors.

It took us forEVER! You know how something looks really close or small or just different when you’re whizzing past it in the car, but then when you actually walk around there, it’s another story?

First off, it was far. It took us a long time, and it was hot. Even the dog looked a little bit wilted.
But as we trudged along, we discovered interesting things. A little streamlet running through a hillside. A dead opossum pelt, so old and dessicated that even Mo turned away from it. A mysterious (why?) hay bale pyramid. And lots and lots of bottle caps.

When we got there, the “sunflowers” turned out to be Brown Eyed Susans, which are still very pretty. Eva cut them long-stemmed and we put them in a vase.

Rudebekia aka Brown Eyed Susan


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