The 40 Year Old Bat Mitzvah

Shake the Lulav, Smell the Etrog

Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on October 20, 2011


Some years we have a big open-house style party for sukkot.  It’s the perfect holiday to have a  casual neighborhood get-together.  One year I did a wine-and-cheese, another I did a bagel brunch.

We got so busy this year that sukkot really snuck up on us, though, and we ended up with a low-maintenance at-home sukkot celebration:  leftover pizza in the sukkah and a quick shake of the lulav and sniff of the etrog.

The lulav is a palm branch.  You hold it together with a myrtle and willow branch and shake the little bundle in all four directions.  Then you sniff the etrog, which is a citron (a very fragrant fruit that looks like a giant grapefruity-lemon thing.)

shake your lulav

Don't think that dog is above stealing that etrog if he had the chance.

So that’s all we did.  Sukkot ends in a couple of days and honestly, I feel we could have done more.  Our backyard looks pretty bad these days and going back there just depresses me.  I solve the problem by going back there as infrequently as possible.  Not a permanent solution, I know.    Plus I’m still afraid rats might jump out of the bushes and try to climb up my legs.  So basically no tapas and tempranillo party until we get the vermin situation under control.

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