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My (Second) 15 Minutes of Culinary Fame

Posted in Uncategorized by Juliet on March 8, 2014

The  first time around, I was pregnant with Eva and wrote in to the Riverside Press-Enterprise’s “Cook and Tell” column asking for a homemade spicy carrot recipe to make for Scott.  He loves spicy food and I guess I was nesting.  (This is around the same time period that I began my gingerbread recipe collection.)

My friend Francie saw it and teased me  because it seemed like such a classic pregnancy craving (though actually I never craved anything spicy when I was pregnant with either of the girls.)

A reader who had worked at Guadalajara Mexican restaurant in Lake Elsinore wrote in with a recipe that I still use to this day.

My second brush with newspaper food fame is this — ta da!  (Click on it to enlarge.)

Scan0013Fresh off the excitement of being given a great spicy carrot recipe, I paid it forward by sharing some Purim and Passover recipes.  The newspaper sent a photographer to our apartment.  She was a charming young French woman and we spent most of the afternoon drinking tea and eating cookies.  The finished product wasn’t beautiful (though it tasted fine) and she had trouble finding one pretty enough to photograph for the front page teaser.  It ended up not looking bad:


The column is dated March 5, 2003, so Eva would have been about 10 mos old at the time.  I don’t remember having her there during teatime with the French photographer, but she must have been there so I am assuming she slept through the whole thing.  Now she’s old enough to make hamantaschen with her Hebrew school class and next year she’ll be making them with the older kids’ youth group as part of their major fundraiser.  My baby is growing up!  This year we rolled into Sunday school 15 minutes late on baking day and apparently there had a been a big panic because she was assigned to bring the oil, so they were at a standstill until we got there.  She also volunteered to bring Nutella and made a sugar-bomb hamantaschen filled with layers of apricot and Nutella and topped with chocolate chips.

I showed Jane the article and she was pretty casual about it.  Her first question was, “Where was I?” and I told her she wasn’t born yet.


Then I blew her mind even more by pointing out the little jars in the bottom left corner of the picture.  Prune baby food!  She seems skeptical but I think I actually will have to make hamantaschen this year to prove to her that it is an oddly delicious cookie filling.

Aha!  Maybe that’s why baby Eva was so content and quiet that afternoon.


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