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Juliet’s knitting projects

    April 17, 2010:

A fellow parent at Jane’s co-op preschool knitted the most adorable elephant. She crocheted a flower behind one of its ears. We got to chatting and she told me she bought the yarn at Daily Fiber (my “LYS,” or “local yarn store.”) I was inspired but I’ll need to start practicing more.

I’ve been bringing my knitting with me in my bag and when I have a spare minute, I do a few rows. I am actually starting to understand what people mean when they say knitting is relaxing.

    March 16, 2010:

Uh oh. I am scared. I looked more closely at the leg warmer project and I am getting intimidated. I was sick this weekend so I missed my knitting workshop, too, so I don’t even remember how to bind off the simple scarf I’m currently making.

Ravelry has links to videos so maybe they have step-by-step instructions for how to knit in the round on five double-pointed needles.

It looks complicated, though Sally Melville says in her book that it’s a good first project for a beginner. So maybe it’ll end up being one of those things that only looks hard.

    March 12, 2010:

From The Knitting Experience:  The Knit Stitch by Sally Melville – leg warmers. Leg warmers!  I am beyond excited.  She says this project is an appropriate “Beginner’s First Project” so I am taking her at her word, though she has complicated-looking instructions for knitting in a circle made of five double-pointed needles.  Well, I’m up for giving it a try.   I am heading to my “LYS” (local yarn store), Daily Fiber Yarn Co., this weekend to pick up the needles and to choose yarn.


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