The 40 Year Old Bat Mitzvah


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Who, me?


The other day I was getting ready to take Mo to the dog park. I opened the front door and he ran out into the driveway, where he hopped right up into the back of the car, giving just the merest quick sniff to the neighborhood kids playing on the sidewalk.

Evan, a five year old who lives down the street, asked, “How does he know you’re going to the dog park?”

I thought about it for a moment then realized he really doesn’t know, does he? I mean, the last ten times he’s ridden in the car, it’s true that eight were to the park, but once was to get a rabies shot at the vet and the other was to have a bath at the groomer.

But he sure is optimistic, isn’t he? I mean, isn’t a rambunctious two year old chocolate lab the very model of optimism?

If he’s going to expect something to happen, he figures he might as well expect it to be something good.


Sad News About Our “LYS”

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In the knitting world, your “LYS” is your “local yarn store.” And it’s a sad day here in the Temecula Valley with the announcement that our beloved LYS, Daily Fiber Yarn Co., is closing its doors for good on August 13, 2011.

Store owner Debbie sent this message to her mailing list:

It’s with a heavy heart, that I announce that Daily Fiber Yarn Company will be closing as of August 13. Unfortunately, the economics of the situation do not make sense for us to continue. We know that many people are still struggling and they just don’t have the capacity and discretionary income to spend on items such as yarns and notions.

Over the past three years I have met many wonderful people and shared many stories. To that end, we hope to create a fiber arts guild in the valley so we can continue to pursue our passion.

All classes scheduled in July will be still be held. There will be no classes in August. Peggy will continue to have classes in the future in a venue to be determined. If you want info regarding those classes please contact her at or email her at There will be no Friday Night Knitting in August.

We will liquidate our inventory starting next week, July 5-July 9 with all items 15% off. We will reduce prices an additional amount each week through Aug 13. The price discount schedule is below:

Tue July 5 – Sat July 9 15%
Tue July 12 – Sat July 16 25%
Tue July 19 – Sat July 23 35%
Tue July 26- – Sat July 30 45%
Tue Aug 2 – Sat Aug 6 55%
Tue Aug 8 Sat Aug 13 65%

Payment by Cash or Charge, no checks. Cash payments receive an additional 5% discount.

We will liquidate fixtures/furniture during the two weeks we are open in August.

I appreciate all those that have supported us through the years and hope that you continue to pursue your fiber passion.


Contact Information
phone: (951) 461-9590

Organized Simplicity

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I discovered this terrific little gem of a book at the library the other day:

Organized Simplicity:  the Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living by Tsh Oxenreider

Don’t let the title or beautiful, spare cover art fool you into thinking this is simply a book about decluttering or house cleaning.  (Though I love those too!)  Tsh DOES write about clutter (and check it out: she’s so decluttered that her name doesn’t even have any vowels in it, and no, that’s not a typo; her parents were hippies.)  But this book is so much more.  She writes about living who you are, with purpose and intention, every day.  I love this book!  I probably love it so much because I need it so much.

I also love that Tsh is a blogger, just like me! So go check out her blog and book.